Saturday, 4 July 2015

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Things you can do with your friends | free of cost

Every moment spent with your friends is a special moment.There are many things which you do with your friends.But below are some things that you enjoy with your besties without wasting any money.

Play games

It is a very cool thing and everyone loves it.There are variety of games you can play at home.Either you can play the digital games like playstation etc or you can play the board games.Another game which you can play is truth or dare.Its best if you want some extra fun.Playing with friends is always a fun thing.There are many activities which you can do with your friends like dancing,karaoke and other fun stuff.You can also play cards and there is a number of games which can be played with them.

Go for a outing

It will be fun to go on a outing with your friends.You can go to the market or you can go to any beach or any garden,wherever you want to spend time with your friends.You can visit any museum or you can move to any of your favorite places.Roaming around with friends is always a enjoyable thing.You can also go to any recreational center.

Watch movie

If you are at home and nothing to do,then you can watch a movie.It is preferrable to watch horroe movies at night,it will be a much greater fun.Just bring out some popcorns,drinks and snacks and enjoy your movie.AnOther option available is that you can watch sports with them and cheer your favorite team from your home.

Go out in the night

It is always an adventrous thing if you gou with your friends in the night.Enjoy the nightlife with you dear ones.go out at random places or drive on the highway.You can go in any disco or club or you can go in the market.One more option is there,you can go in any garden or at the shore of any lake and it will be a lovely thing to view the shiny stars in the dark night.

Play sports

You can move to any ground and can play any sport like football,rugby etc.Either you can ride your bicycles or you can do the skating.In this way,excercise will also be done side by side.There is a number of games and sports which you can enjoy with your friends and it will help you to recall your childhood memories.

Be creative

You can do many things with them.You can make anything which you this way,you can spend time with your friends along with making anything like crafts etc.

Help others

This one is a very good thing.With your group of friends ,you can do many social activities and can serve others.You can volunteer as a whole group for any noble work and you can also help in collecting the charity.By doing this,not only you will spend the time with your friends but you will also be happy and you will be feel satisfying with yourself that you had such a great thing.It will give happiness to your mind and will make you feel a better personn and you all will be proud of this.

Spend time at home

You can spend time with your friends just by staying at yor home.It is a very simple and enjoyable thing.Talk with them,ask them about their lives,share the fun moments,relive your old memories.Just stay at home and enjoy each other's company.Talk about the old times,discuss your thoughts and plans with them.

These are the things which you can do with your friends at home without spendig any money and having the full fun.Just enjoy the time with your friends and try to make some time free to meet them.Friends are very important in someone's life as there is no joy and fun in life without them.  


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