Friday, 24 July 2015

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8 Things That Tells Future Has Arrived

Technology can't be described in simple terms.It has given us many things and there still many to come.Nobody knows what technology is bringing for us the next day.It has progressed a lot.It made our lives more easier,simple,enjoyable and convenient.With the help of technology,humans became able to convert their dreams into reality.From a simple ball pen to the world's largest aircraft,from a brick to the Burj-Khalifa,everything became possible because of this.The things that we used to see in the sci-fi movies,are turning into the reality.There are many things which already exist there,which we generally consider that they will come in future.Some of the such technologies are mentioned below:

Bionic Body Parts

These things are really amazing.These are such things which need to be there because they bring back joy to life of anybody by restoring their body parts.Technology has played a great role in medical science.It has given us many magical wonders.It has saved many lives and made many lives better.Making one step forward,the next thing is the Bionic body parts.From the eyes that required to see thing to the heart which is the main part of our body,almost everything is available there.As the technology is progressing,the bionic parts have also became better and more realistic,as body parts such as hands,they are just becoming very similar to a normal hand,their movements,rotations,reactions are really getting more advanced and better.We know nothing is there like the originals but they can serve  very much in making someone's life better.

Energy drink spray

This one is really surprising as no one can think of such a thing,But its true,they are already there.They work very simply.All you have to do is to spray them on your neck & you are ready to go out.They not only give you energy nut also save time which you waste in drinking a coffee or tea.Spray it on your skin and enjoy your daily routine.It is estimated that there will be around 40 doses in a single 15$ bottle.

Electric cars

They are known to almost everybody as they already out but the best are still to come.the one most important thing which makes it better from other fuel cars is that it doesn't make any pollution and therefore can prove to be very helpful in the humans' fight against the global warming.This is a very good alternative and therefore,it can become very common in the coming years and can replace the present vehicles which run on fuels like petrol,diesel.

Invisible cloaks

They have been already mentioned in our blog in one of the previous posts.Became famous under the tag of Harry Potter movies,but there function is also a very good one which makes it more popular.These can be very useful in the coming time and several things can be done with the help of this.You can find more about this from this link of Invisibility cloak. Its there on number 7.

Microchip Implants

They are already seen there in many movies like Jurassic World, Kingsman etc. and there main purpose is to locate the position of the object in which they are implanted.It controls some other body functions also.It proves to be very useful for its features and therefore its gaining a lot of popularity.It is just like a tiny computer made out of a small piece of metal and is implanted in the skin and works from there.Many people are implanting these in their pets,as it help them to locate them if in any case they get lost.

Sonic and Heat ray in weapons

It sounds really cool to me because these are such things which we used to see in action packed science fiction movies and now they are coming out in real.The weapons use ultrasonic and sonic waves to attack.they can be even so powerful like if they can kill anybody.The main thing which these weapons use is the SOUND,yep,it really uses sound.
Heat rays are also there which are going under tests and they can come into use very soon.The weapon is known as ADS or say Active Denial System.It is said that Us police is actually working on it and some tests are also conducted and they are trying to make it more portable.

Self Sterilizing Doors

The door which is cleaned by itself only.The things that has made this is possible is UV lighting.Most of the people have the same thing in mind about the door knobs of bathrooms and some other public places,that they are dirty and full of germs.So,say thanks to these doors which kill all the germs themselves after every use which makes them more clean and hygienic.

Have you ever dreamed to live in a house which resembles a spaceship. Well here one:


This egg shaped capsule completed with an antenna is powered by wind and a layer of futuristic cells which basically are solar cells. This mini house can be placed at remote locations where building of normal houses is out of reach.
It is a creative effort to offer housing solutions especially for remote areas.
This Ecocapsule took 6 years to be developed and is a like a mini apartment which generates its own clean energy and consists of all the conventional luxuries and comfort you would need and would be connected to the world with its antenna. Its sleek and curved design  would collect maximum amount of rain water with inbuilt filters which would make it safe for consumption. The capsule makes an efficient use of interior space which includes bedroom, kitchenette, dining room, work space and ensuite bathroom and powers itself with 750 W of combined wind and solar panels.
And guess what Eco-capsule is already developed. Due to its nice architects, it has received thousands of pre-orders and in some years we may see them everywhere.

So these are some really very interesting things and we don't have to wait for them in the future because they are already here in the present.God knows what's more there to come in the future.Nothing seems impossible now as the technology is growing really fast.


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