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In the present world,everyone is very conscious about his looks and physique.Maintaining a healthy and fit physique is a very difficult task as it requires a lot of patience and a proper diet schedule.Excercises alone can't help you to attain a good physique.You need to be very careful about your diet too as it is also very important.You should check your diet according do your body and needs.A healthy and well maintained diet will help you in making your body better and fit.Most of the people are very upset from the excess fat on their body.So here are some foods that can help you burn fat and build your muscles in real time.


Eggs are generally low in calories and also they they are very rich in protein.It is a must thing if you go to gym regularly as they help very much in building muscles.


take some honey and add it in warm water.If you drink it regularly in the morning,then it is the best one which burns fat.


Duw to presence of some supplements and some antioxidants along with Pectin which helps in reduction of fat cells,apple also comes in this list.

Green Tea

In terms of losing weight,it is the one which is most effective of all because it contains antioxidants.2 cups a day on daily basis can help you lose weight very fast.


Tomatoes not only help in losing weight but they are also very useful as they keep us away from the disease like cancer.Place tomatoes in your diet and try to eat them daily.They show results in a real quick time.


Garlic helps in the removal of bad cholesterol and is also helpful in reduction of fat.That's so because the presence of Allicin(has anti-bacterail properties.


They are becoming very popular nowadays.Also they come in very different flavors due to their increase in damand.They contain fiber which is very helpful and useful on stabilizing the cholesterol level.

Green Chilli

Due to the presence of Capsaicin in green chillies,they are very helpful in buring calories in qiuck time and are also useful in the development of growth cells of the body.

Dark Chocolate

They posses anti-inflammatory properties and flavonoids which in turn plays an important role in the reduction cholesterol level in the blood.They also burn fat and everyone love chocolates too.

If you want to lose weight,then you have to follow your diet chart very strictly.Proper diet is very essential for this.take a diet which is full of protein and which contains less fatty foods.Also avoid sugar and diary products.

Monday, 7 September 2015

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We often wonder on how fast light travels and when we would actually see the photons travelling that fast. Well the researchers of MIT have created a camera that can shoot at ONE TRILLION FRAMES per SECOND. Isn't that Amazing!!. 

It is fast enough to capture light beam travelling from say the length of one litre bottle to its cap and reflecting back to the bottles bottom.

This whole camera system is based on a technology called steak camera which has been recently built. Andreas Velten who is one of the system developers calls is the "ULTIMATE" in slow motion to which he is absolutely right.


This camera is not small like the normal cameras but it requires a lot of settings and a lot more complicated one.So explaining it from the starting, the aperture is a narrow slit through which particles of light ie photons enter and are converted into electrons which then pass through an electric field and gets deflected by it. As the electric field is changing very fast, the electrons gets deflected corresponding from the late arriving photons. Thus the image produced by the camera is 2-D in the sense that one dimension represents the degree of deflection ie time and another corresponds to the direction of slit.


As it produces a 2-D image which is a very serious drawback to produce an ultra slow motion movie. So to get a slow mo movie they must perform the same experiment ie passing the light pulse through the bottle again and again. It takes a nano second for light to scatter through a bottle but takes a full one hour to collect all the data. After accumulating 1000's of data sets each of which represents position of photon with their time of arrival, all of them are stitched together according to their time and then we get a full ULTRA SLOW-MO MOVIE.


The price tag of steak camera along with the laser that generates light pulses was put around $250,000 by Bawendi, first one to research on quantum dots.


The researchers in another project presented that this camera can also see around corners ie can see what is around another side of the wall, door etc. Well we may say that we can do this by radar or infrared, But we cant if the object is not emitting any thermal radiation. So this camera would pretty much work on this case. That camera works by bouncing light off a reflective surface say, the wall opposite a doorway and by measuring the time taken by different photons to return.But because the ultrafast-imaging system requires multiple passes to produce its videos, it can’t record events that aren’t exactly repeatable.

Monday, 31 August 2015

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The world is changing and advancing at a very fast rate.New and new technologies are coming every week,every day.Due to the increase in pollution,the companies are now try to produce something that can help in reduction in pollution level and are trying to go green and eco friendly.Many things are already out which help in being eco-friendly like electric cars,solar cells,using digital technology instead of paper etc.Generally main sources of pollution are vehicles and industries.Vehicles like cars,buses,bikes etc are almost used by most of the people in this world and they also contribute in the increased level of pollution.The ozone layer is depleting very fast and the main cause of this is air pollution.To control this air pollution electric cars can prove very helpful.They run on electricity,not on petrol or diesel.The vehicles which run on petrol or diesel pollute the fresh air as they emit many gases like CO and NO.This is a great threat to our environment and many things are being planned and done to control this.One of them is the electric cars.

Electric cars don't require fuel to run,they run on electricity.You have to charge the car.You can do it at your home.The scope for these cars in the future is very great.Many electrics cars are already present there in the markets.Many more are yet thee to come.If it has some advantages than it has some disadvantages too.The main problem is of charging the car.There are not enough charging stations present out there.The other problem with them is that they are not reliable enough as compared to the conventional cars.However this thing can be solved in the coming years.Now,the main problem is how to charge the car when you are going on a long trip,also the charging takes more time than filling the car tank with fuel.However,the British government is doing something which can solve this problem.They are building a new road with a very different technology which will have the ability to charge the car when the car is runing on it.It's really something new and interesting thing.Everything about this new technology is gonna discussed below:

Introduction to the new road technology:

This new technology is very different from the present roads as there are electromagnetic roads in it and when you will drive your electric car on them,your vehicle will get automatically recharged.The main advantage of this technology is that you don't need to stop your car to charge it.Just drive on this road and your car will get charged automatically.With the help of this,you don't need to waste your time anymore on the charging stations.The British government is working hard on this and performing tests on it to check the feasibility of this road system.An amount of around £200,000 has spent on this test.The British government seems very serious on this project and ready to spend a huge amount on this technology to make it available to the people.


The concept of electromagnetic induction is generally used in this technology.Under the road surface,there are electric cables placed that are able to produce a ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELD.After that,the coil in the vehicle will catch the transmitted electricity and then it will charge your car with this electricity.The road system will automatically detect whether if any car is running on it or not.The working of this road is quite simple.Just run your car on this road to charge it,no more need to stop your car on any  station.

If anyone knows more about this project,he/she can share it in our comment box.You can also share your views and opinions on this technology below.

Sunday, 26 July 2015

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5 of The Fastest Cars On Earth that anyone would love to drive!!!

Speed has been a constant factor of interest in our live from the beginning. So much have changed from the invention of a small single stroke engine to engines of today.
We always do our best efforts to go faster  due to which today we are even able to leave the speed of sound behind.



1. ThrustSSC: A british Jet propelled car, set on 15 October 1997.

This jet car is the first manned car to have broken the sound barrier with an astonishing speed of 763 Mph ie  342 metres per second. It is powered by two Roles Royce Spey jet Engines which produced 50,000 pounds of thrust and 110,000 bph (horsepower) which is around 85 times the power of a regular street car. It accelerated from 0 - 600 mph in just 16 seconds due to which the driver (Andy Green: British Air Force Pilot) was subjected to 3 g's.

Its aluminium alloy wheels were custom designed by engineers which were tested at a spin of 95000 rpm, under these conditions most of the wheels would just explode.

Ran in 1997 in Black Rock Desert
Currently a new jet car 'Bloodhound SSC' is being created which would break all the records of history by travelling at a speed of 1000 Mph which is even faster than a bullet.


5. Jaguar XJ220 : 

This Exotic car manufactured in 1992 till 1994. Only 275 XJ220's have been built. It was a two seater car whose body type was 2-door couple. 

Top speed 212 mph(342 km/h).

0-60 mph in just 3.6 seconds 

 It's engine was having a 5 speed manual transmission developed from a 48 valve V12 engine (3.5 L twin turbo charged V6) having 542 horsepower and 644 Nm of torque 
It held the Nürburgring production lap record for 8 years!! (From 1992- 2000).

4. McLaren F1:

 McLaren F1 was produced from 1992- till 1998 and only 108 such cars were built. It broke Jaguar XJ220's record in 1993.

Top Speed 231 mph(372 km/h)

0-60 mph 3.2 seconds slightly less than Jaguar XJ220

Its transmission was 6 speed manual and produced from 6.1 L  V12 engine which produced a horsepower of 618 and a torque of 617 Nm.

3. Bugatti Veyron 16.4:

Veyron 16.4 came into production from 2005- till 2011.
It broke McLaren's speed record of 231 mph in 2005 and had a top speed of 253 mph (407 km/h)
It could accelerate from 0-60 mph incredibly in just 2.46 seconds.

The Veyron 16.4 features an 8.0-litre, quad-turbocharged, W16 cylinder engine which produced 987 bhp of horse power and 1250 Nm torque which is way more than McLaren F1.

File:Bugatti Veyron 16.4 – Frontansicht (1), 5. April 2012, Düsseldorf.jpg

2. Bugatti Veyron Super Sport:

The Bugatti Veyron Super Sport is a faster, more powerful version of the Bugatti Veyron 16.4. The Super Sport has increased engine power of 1,200 bhp a torque of 1,500 Nm and a revised aerodynamic package.

The Super Sport has a  267.856 mph(431.072 km/h) top speed breaking the record in 2010, making it the fastest car produced till now.

Friday, 24 July 2015

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8 Things That Tells Future Has Arrived

Technology can't be described in simple terms.It has given us many things and there still many to come.Nobody knows what technology is bringing for us the next day.It has progressed a lot.It made our lives more easier,simple,enjoyable and convenient.With the help of technology,humans became able to convert their dreams into reality.From a simple ball pen to the world's largest aircraft,from a brick to the Burj-Khalifa,everything became possible because of this.The things that we used to see in the sci-fi movies,are turning into the reality.There are many things which already exist there,which we generally consider that they will come in future.Some of the such technologies are mentioned below:

Bionic Body Parts

These things are really amazing.These are such things which need to be there because they bring back joy to life of anybody by restoring their body parts.Technology has played a great role in medical science.It has given us many magical wonders.It has saved many lives and made many lives better.Making one step forward,the next thing is the Bionic body parts.From the eyes that required to see thing to the heart which is the main part of our body,almost everything is available there.As the technology is progressing,the bionic parts have also became better and more realistic,as body parts such as hands,they are just becoming very similar to a normal hand,their movements,rotations,reactions are really getting more advanced and better.We know nothing is there like the originals but they can serve  very much in making someone's life better.

Energy drink spray

This one is really surprising as no one can think of such a thing,But its true,they are already there.They work very simply.All you have to do is to spray them on your neck & you are ready to go out.They not only give you energy nut also save time which you waste in drinking a coffee or tea.Spray it on your skin and enjoy your daily routine.It is estimated that there will be around 40 doses in a single 15$ bottle.

Electric cars

They are known to almost everybody as they already out but the best are still to come.the one most important thing which makes it better from other fuel cars is that it doesn't make any pollution and therefore can prove to be very helpful in the humans' fight against the global warming.This is a very good alternative and therefore,it can become very common in the coming years and can replace the present vehicles which run on fuels like petrol,diesel.

Invisible cloaks

They have been already mentioned in our blog in one of the previous posts.Became famous under the tag of Harry Potter movies,but there function is also a very good one which makes it more popular.These can be very useful in the coming time and several things can be done with the help of this.You can find more about this from this link of Invisibility cloak. Its there on number 7.

Microchip Implants

They are already seen there in many movies like Jurassic World, Kingsman etc. and there main purpose is to locate the position of the object in which they are implanted.It controls some other body functions also.It proves to be very useful for its features and therefore its gaining a lot of popularity.It is just like a tiny computer made out of a small piece of metal and is implanted in the skin and works from there.Many people are implanting these in their pets,as it help them to locate them if in any case they get lost.

Sonic and Heat ray in weapons

It sounds really cool to me because these are such things which we used to see in action packed science fiction movies and now they are coming out in real.The weapons use ultrasonic and sonic waves to attack.they can be even so powerful like if they can kill anybody.The main thing which these weapons use is the SOUND,yep,it really uses sound.
Heat rays are also there which are going under tests and they can come into use very soon.The weapon is known as ADS or say Active Denial System.It is said that Us police is actually working on it and some tests are also conducted and they are trying to make it more portable.

Self Sterilizing Doors

The door which is cleaned by itself only.The things that has made this is possible is UV lighting.Most of the people have the same thing in mind about the door knobs of bathrooms and some other public places,that they are dirty and full of germs.So,say thanks to these doors which kill all the germs themselves after every use which makes them more clean and hygienic.

Have you ever dreamed to live in a house which resembles a spaceship. Well here one:


This egg shaped capsule completed with an antenna is powered by wind and a layer of futuristic cells which basically are solar cells. This mini house can be placed at remote locations where building of normal houses is out of reach.
It is a creative effort to offer housing solutions especially for remote areas.
This Ecocapsule took 6 years to be developed and is a like a mini apartment which generates its own clean energy and consists of all the conventional luxuries and comfort you would need and would be connected to the world with its antenna. Its sleek and curved design  would collect maximum amount of rain water with inbuilt filters which would make it safe for consumption. The capsule makes an efficient use of interior space which includes bedroom, kitchenette, dining room, work space and ensuite bathroom and powers itself with 750 W of combined wind and solar panels.
And guess what Eco-capsule is already developed. Due to its nice architects, it has received thousands of pre-orders and in some years we may see them everywhere.

So these are some really very interesting things and we don't have to wait for them in the future because they are already here in the present.God knows what's more there to come in the future.Nothing seems impossible now as the technology is growing really fast.

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

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1. Box Jellyfish:

 This jellyfish has a cube shaped body and four different eyes, one  pair detects the light levels while the other one detects the colour, shape and size.
A box jellyfish has enough toxin that it can kill 60 humans. There are many species of box jellyfish, the sting of a Chironex fleckeri box jellyfish can kill a person in less than three minutes.
While no official record exists, the evidence suggest dozens of people and perhaps more than 100 or more die each year from the many species of box jellyfish that exist in all oceans. Some 20 to 40 people die from stings by box jellyfish annually in the Philippines alone.
Other species found in Hawaii, Florida are known to kill people because of heart faliure.

More than 100 people die each year from many species of box jellyfish that exists in all the oceans.

2. Lionfish: 

Dont be bullied by the beautiful looks of this fish, these pose a threat to the ecosystem of Caribbean ocean. No other fish can eat this fish because of the venom present in its wings, although not deadly to humans but can be extremely painful and can cause nausea and breathing difficulties. It deliveres its venom by an array of upto 18 needle like dorsal fish. It relies on mainly fish, shrimp and camouflage.
Their population is growing, causing some concerned in the United States. Their population has to be controlled so the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) is allowing divers to bring home an extra lobster per day during the state’s upcoming 2015 spiny lobster mini-season. The only condition, divers must also have harvested 10 or more lionfish on the same day.

3. Great White Shark: 

This predator is no stranger to the list of dangerous animals and is almost constantly and incorrectly perceived as the world’s most dangerous animal. The nature of the Great White is often misunderstood, the Great White Shark is not out on a mission to attack every human being that steps foot in the water. The Great White tends to attack humans when they are hunting for food, it’s nothing more than basic instinct. 

4. Stingray:

They have a  flattened bodies which allow them to effectively conceal themselves in their environment. Stingrays do this by agitating the sand and hiding beneath it. Because their eyes are on top of their bodies and their mouths on the undersides, stingrays cannot see their prey; instead, they use smell and electroreceptors. A stingray feeds on small fish, snails, clams, and shrimp, and some other small sea creatures.
These do not harmful to humans unless they step on it.

5. Stone fish: 

This fish is an expert to hide itself in the rocks underwater due to its camouflaged body. This is regarded as the most venomous fish in existence. Its dorsal fins are so sharp that they can pierce through a shoe. It also has many species, some of which hide themselves in the plain site of seafloor so watch your step.

6. Pufferfish: 

You don't even have to be near water for this creature to kill you. The pufferfish, packs tetrodo toxin which is even stronger than cyanide. It has the ability to suck in water and swell upto two times its normal size. A drug is made from the puffer's toxin which has been tested for treatment of withdrawal symptoms from drugs like heroin.

7. Moray Eel: 

These Moray have a snakelike body, protruding snout and wide jaws. They're fish, by the way, and they can be up to 8 feet long.
A bite from their razor-sharp teeth and powerful, locking jaws will produce ragged wounds that are prone to infection from the bacteria inside the eels’ mouths but if morays bite out of fear or by accident (especially when foraging for food), they will usually release their grip and let you go.
They hunt at night and in the daytime they hide in crevices and holes. They'll eat any fish or other creature they can catch.

Monday, 20 July 2015

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What is the right time to drink water and how it is beneficial to our body

Water is the second most important thing which is required for the survival of a human being.Oxygen is at the first place for sure.Our body needs a proper amount of water to work properly.70% of our body is just water.So we need to maintain the right amount of water in our body so as to cope up with the daily activities.For having a fit and healthy body,8 glasses of water are generally recommended per day.But its also important to drink water at right times and by doing so,our bodies can become more better and healthier.But the question is now,What is the right time to drink water?You will find about this below.

Wake up and drink water

We are talking about the right times,so lets start from the beginning of the day.Drinking water in the morning right after when you wake up can be very useful for you and your body.However,it is not easy to drink water just after waking up.But if you can do it,then its very beneficial for you.It will act like an alarm for your body and will wake your internal organs up.Drinking water in the morning will keep you active and fresh for the whole day.It is said that if you drink 4 glasses in the morning(empty stomach),then it is very very good for your health a it will keep you away from most of the diseases.Drinking a little hot water with some honey in it helps to reduce weight.

Workout-Water relation

It is believed that you need water before and after your excercise but it should be taken in proper amount.Like if you want to go out for a workout,then you are supposed to drink some water as it will keep your body hydrated.It gonna help you a lot because during the workout,your body dehydrates in the form of sweat.So drink water before going out as it will also provide you some energy and you will feel fresh and active also.After workout,drink a sufficient amount of water.It will be beneficial for your own body as you will feel relaxed and cool. Don't drink too much water because it will not be good for your stomach as cramps may get induced in it.

Meals and Water relation

This factor is very common in our everyday lives as we get to listen a lot of advices on this topic.Some people are very disciplined about this while on the other hand there are some people that doesn't even care about this thing.
 If you drink before eating your meals, atleast 30 minutes,then it will be very good for your body.This thing has many advantages:

  • It can make you eat less because your tummy will already be full with water upto some level.
  • It will awake the taste buds and also acidic components in your foods will not make you much uncomfortable as the lining of your stomach gets moisturised by doing this.
  • It will also help in reducing weight.

Before going to Sleep

It will be good for your body if you drink water in a proper is recommended to drink water atleast one or two hours before you go to your bed to sleep.It will help in keeping your body hydrated and it will be very good for the functioning of the body parts,also you will feel more relaxed too. Drink a limited quantity of water because if you drink it too much then you may have to use the wash room for many times in the  night.

Drink water when you don't feel good

Drinking water at proper times has many advantages and it is very beneficial for our body.It keeps our body fresh,hydrated,energized and it is an essential thing required for the human survival. Drinking water can also be helpful in such cases like when you feel very tired and down.Drinking water will make you feel better as it will boost up your body from inside,you will feel fresh.Just drink some fresh and cool water and you will automatically feel more active and you will be ready to your work.

So,these were some times you really need to look out for. Different times along with their benefits have been discussed above.So if you can bring a little change in your drinking habits,it is for sure that your body will become better and more active.