Saturday, 20 June 2015

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Apple iOS-9 features

Apple announced a number of features that will be there in iphones and ipads,at the Worldwide Developers Conference.
Surely these features gonna make the apple devices more better and convenient than ever.
The ios 9 comes out with a variety of features which you can check as follows.

Improved performance of battery

iOS 9 comes with a new feature known as 'low battery mode'.It will give you extra three hours of iphone usage.There is no such thing like battery saving mode in iOS 8 and one has to turn off wifi,cellular data etc to save power.Apple claims that iOS9 will improve the overall performance of you apple device and will ensure uou one extra hour of battery of full usage over the previous iOS running devices.

Apple pay

With iOS 9,a boost has been given to the apple pay.On iOS 8,apple pay is compatible with only few US cards but in iOS 9,it is supported by more providers over the world which include Discover also.However,its still only compatible with Iphone 6 and Iphone 6plus.IN iOS 9,credit cards,debits cards,loyalty and reward cards can also be added.The "passbook" has been given a new name,which is "wallet" in which all the cards are stored.

Advanced Siri

Siri has been made much better in iOS 9 in comparison to iOS 8.It has got a new colourful look and itsworking is even more interesting.Siri presents the content in a new way and it can accept now a huge number of requests.It uses context sensitive infromation which is generally based on date,location and time.For example,it can smartly recognize when you get to running or cycling and plug in your earphones and it will automatically display the songs you listen during your workout on the screen.


The multitasking feature is only avaialable on the ipads.A Quicktype keyboard is there which include the tools like cut,copy,paste on suggestion bar and access to camera,formatting and attachments is also given along with them.

Switching Apps

It is now more easier and reliable in new ios.The running apps are presnted in the shape of stacked cards in iOS 9,and switching apps in this more easier as compared to iOS 8.

Apple Maps

In iOS 9 some major changes have been brought to the apple maps as they get the transit data and can show you routing data,walking details,trains,busses,subways etc just like in google maps.On the other hand,no such advancements were there in iOS 8.

Reduced update size

During the installation of iOS 8,almost everyopne faced a problem of free space during instalation of ios8 because the size of the update was around 4.6 GB.On the other side,iOS 9 requires only 1.3 GB,which is quiet manageable.

Older devices support

iOS 9 supports all the older devices including iphone 4s and ipad2 and above devices which are running on iOS8.

The new iOS will be available this coming FALL(around september) and it also will be free as well.However you can try this before its update by simpling installing the public beta which Apple will launch in the July.The devices which support iOS 9 are iPhone 4s,5,5c,5s,6 and 6 plus, iPad Air,Air2,iPad 2,3rd generation,4th generation,mini,mini 2,mini 3 and iPod touch 5th generation.


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