Thursday, 16 April 2015

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13 Useful And Amazing LIfehacks

  • Need directions to any place,then ask it from a pizza delivery place or any courier service office instead of any gas station.They know the directions better than anyone else.

  • Protecting your hands from the melting icecream

  • Packing a CD seems easier now :)

  • Fed up from the emails from the marketing companies,just do a simple thing and that is,filter the word 'unsubscribe'

  • A new type of "silencer"

  • This one is crazy,latest cupholder out now :p

  • An easier way to open the tight knots,just follow the pocedure as shown below

  • Dont't have a charger,not a big deal,just try this one

  • With the help of a spring,breaking and bending of the data cable can be avoided.

  • Make your own iPhone speaker at home

  • Hide your money and no one will know where it is and also it can be very helpful to you in any kind of emergency

  • NO more confusion and wastage of time in finding the right key

  • Straw holder


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