Monday, 31 August 2015

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The world is changing and advancing at a very fast rate.New and new technologies are coming every week,every day.Due to the increase in pollution,the companies are now try to produce something that can help in reduction in pollution level and are trying to go green and eco friendly.Many things are already out which help in being eco-friendly like electric cars,solar cells,using digital technology instead of paper etc.Generally main sources of pollution are vehicles and industries.Vehicles like cars,buses,bikes etc are almost used by most of the people in this world and they also contribute in the increased level of pollution.The ozone layer is depleting very fast and the main cause of this is air pollution.To control this air pollution electric cars can prove very helpful.They run on electricity,not on petrol or diesel.The vehicles which run on petrol or diesel pollute the fresh air as they emit many gases like CO and NO.This is a great threat to our environment and many things are being planned and done to control this.One of them is the electric cars.

Electric cars don't require fuel to run,they run on electricity.You have to charge the car.You can do it at your home.The scope for these cars in the future is very great.Many electrics cars are already present there in the markets.Many more are yet thee to come.If it has some advantages than it has some disadvantages too.The main problem is of charging the car.There are not enough charging stations present out there.The other problem with them is that they are not reliable enough as compared to the conventional cars.However this thing can be solved in the coming years.Now,the main problem is how to charge the car when you are going on a long trip,also the charging takes more time than filling the car tank with fuel.However,the British government is doing something which can solve this problem.They are building a new road with a very different technology which will have the ability to charge the car when the car is runing on it.It's really something new and interesting thing.Everything about this new technology is gonna discussed below:

Introduction to the new road technology:

This new technology is very different from the present roads as there are electromagnetic roads in it and when you will drive your electric car on them,your vehicle will get automatically recharged.The main advantage of this technology is that you don't need to stop your car to charge it.Just drive on this road and your car will get charged automatically.With the help of this,you don't need to waste your time anymore on the charging stations.The British government is working hard on this and performing tests on it to check the feasibility of this road system.An amount of around £200,000 has spent on this test.The British government seems very serious on this project and ready to spend a huge amount on this technology to make it available to the people.


The concept of electromagnetic induction is generally used in this technology.Under the road surface,there are electric cables placed that are able to produce a ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELD.After that,the coil in the vehicle will catch the transmitted electricity and then it will charge your car with this electricity.The road system will automatically detect whether if any car is running on it or not.The working of this road is quite simple.Just run your car on this road to charge it,no more need to stop your car on any  station.

If anyone knows more about this project,he/she can share it in our comment box.You can also share your views and opinions on this technology below.


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