Tuesday, 14 April 2015

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7 Amazing iPhone Apps That You Should Have In Your iPhone

There are chances that your iphone is fully loaded with a number of great applications like fb,whatsapp,truecaller and other such apps.These are very great and popular apps but there are some other apps also which can your iphone experience and your mentality about apps of iPhone.The apps which you need to know if want to add a twist to your iphone experience are listed below:

Clone Camera:This app is very interesting and a very useful one.With the help of this two or more fotos can be combined in a single picture.Its mainly used to make clones of a person in a single picture.The functioning of app is great.You can add as many photos and with different poses.This app is a paid one.

Iconical:Most of the iPhone users have a complaint that they can't customize their iPhone in the same way in which android users can.But with help of this app one can create custom icons that can be used on the homescreen.The price of this app is only 1.99$.

iFixit:This app is very useful  as it includes a full repair guide for a number of categories ranging form mobile phones and furniture to large devices like trukcs and cars and this app is absolutely free on app store.

SHAREit:This app is a real gem as it allows the transfer of files from iPhone to iPhone and from iPhone to android.One can share pictures,songs,videos from one phone to other with the help of this app.The transfer speed is also very high.This app also has its own media player in it.There are other number of apps like this(xender etc) but this one is my favorite one.

MyCalculator:If you want to hide your personal stuff like pictures and videos and you need a app which doesnt sound like a lock app then you will surely love this app.It looks like a calc,actually it is a calc but with more features.THe app shows a calc on opening,and when u have to hide something just enter the pin and press the % button and do whatever you want to do.The app is free on app store and is very helpful.

AppOfTheDay:This app gives you one paid app free daily.There are number of apps which go free for one day through this app.

Launcher:The app has a red icon and it allow you to add a shortcut of some apps directly to the notification bar.The shortcuts can be easily accessed through the notification bar with simple one touch.

So,these were some apps which can really transform your experience with the iPhone.Willl be back with more stuff later.Stay Tuned.


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