Tuesday, 14 April 2015

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5 Amazing Games For Smartphones

In the modern world,technology is growing fast day by day and it has given us various gadgets and has made our life more comfortable and enjoyable.The wonders od technology ranges from microchips to big spaceshuttles.But one gadget which is used very commonly nowadays is a smartphone.It has become a necessity in the modern world.It has many useful functions like calling,texting,video calling,internet etc.On the one side it is a very useful gadget in the modern world and on the other side it is also a great source of fun and entertainment as one can listen songs on it,watch videos and play games.In the gaming section,there is a huge number of games are there.Some of the best games aare listed under:

Angry birds:This game was a real hit and it is present there in many different versions,latest being the transformers edition.This game is now available on computers also.

N.O.V.A.-3:This game is a real thriller.The story line is awesome,graphics are great and the functioning is also very good.The game is available in different languages.The game goes through different missions and is very versatile,so you will not get bored playing it.It is one of the best games on the play store.

Gangstar Vegas:If you are a gta lover and wants a game on the app store which has same gameplay like gta games and is also free,then this game is best for you.There are games present there like san andreas and vice city but they are not free.So if you want an alternative of them,then this game is there.The game has very good graphics and its reviews are also very good.

WWE Immortals:This game is a real treat for all WWE fans.All the current superstars are there in this game with their super powers.The gameplay is simply amazing.There are some other games also which have the same gameplay as this one.The other games include-Mortal Kombat X and Injustice:Gods among us.

Need for Speed Most Wanted:There are number of racing games available on the store.This one is one of the best of them.The graphics are very good and the gameplay is very cool,also the controls are very comfortable to play with.This game is paid on the app store.


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