Thursday, 24 September 2015

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In the present world,everyone is very conscious about his looks and physique.Maintaining a healthy and fit physique is a very difficult task as it requires a lot of patience and a proper diet schedule.Excercises alone can't help you to attain a good physique.You need to be very careful about your diet too as it is also very important.You should check your diet according do your body and needs.A healthy and well maintained diet will help you in making your body better and fit.Most of the people are very upset from the excess fat on their body.So here are some foods that can help you burn fat and build your muscles in real time.


Eggs are generally low in calories and also they they are very rich in protein.It is a must thing if you go to gym regularly as they help very much in building muscles.


take some honey and add it in warm water.If you drink it regularly in the morning,then it is the best one which burns fat.


Duw to presence of some supplements and some antioxidants along with Pectin which helps in reduction of fat cells,apple also comes in this list.

Green Tea

In terms of losing weight,it is the one which is most effective of all because it contains antioxidants.2 cups a day on daily basis can help you lose weight very fast.


Tomatoes not only help in losing weight but they are also very useful as they keep us away from the disease like cancer.Place tomatoes in your diet and try to eat them daily.They show results in a real quick time.


Garlic helps in the removal of bad cholesterol and is also helpful in reduction of fat.That's so because the presence of Allicin(has anti-bacterail properties.


They are becoming very popular nowadays.Also they come in very different flavors due to their increase in damand.They contain fiber which is very helpful and useful on stabilizing the cholesterol level.

Green Chilli

Due to the presence of Capsaicin in green chillies,they are very helpful in buring calories in qiuck time and are also useful in the development of growth cells of the body.

Dark Chocolate

They posses anti-inflammatory properties and flavonoids which in turn plays an important role in the reduction cholesterol level in the blood.They also burn fat and everyone love chocolates too.

If you want to lose weight,then you have to follow your diet chart very strictly.Proper diet is very essential for this.take a diet which is full of protein and which contains less fatty foods.Also avoid sugar and diary products.


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