Wednesday, 8 July 2015

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Gadgets still to come in 2015

2015 is still not over.There are numerous things which are there to be released in this year.The new advancements in their new gadgets by the big companies is yet to come now.There are many things on the way which are going to be released in this year.Some of the best things which you need to know,that are relasing very soon,are as follow.

iPhone 6S

Apply usually realeases it iPhones in between august and september.There are many rumours about it already in the market.The new iPhone will be called "iPhone 6S" and it is said that it will be available in two sizes likewise iPhone 6.No true predictions are there about it but it is sure that it will be have some plus features than previous iPhone.The design is believed to be same as that of iPhone 6.However,it will have a better camera and better touch screen.Another product  which is coming from the Apple is the new iPad.The size of the screen of this iPad is going to be really big and that is around 12.9" which is the main feature of it.

iOS 9

Apple has already announced about it and it will be available in this fall.The new iOS version comes with many new things in it.It is going to be a very good package for your iPhone.It will work with with all the iPhones above the iPhone 4S model.It will work with iPhone 4S too.You can find more about it on our blog in Apple iOS-9 features.iOS 9 is going to give you give a much better experience with your new as well as old iPhones.

From Samsung

If apple is going to launch its new products,then samsung is also not far behind this race.In the month of september,Samsung is planning to come back with its two big phones.The two products which samsung is going to release in the september are Samsung Galaxy S6 edge plus and Note 5.Both phones are performing well in their respective series.There will be more advancement in camera,screen and other features.

Windows 10

The new version of Windows i.e. Windows 10 is expected to come this July. It is said that this version will be very good for those people who are not happy with the Windows 8.This update will be more better,convenient,easy and clear.It will come with many new features like a whole new look,new browser and a new menu.

Nexus Smartphones from Google

Google usually reveal its phones in the October.From past 2 years,google is following this trend.There is nothimg much we can say about its products.But from the reports,it is expected that there will be 2 new phones from Google,going to be launched this year.Bothe the phones will run on the new android version "Android M" and it is said that both the phones have screens larger than 5",respectively 5.7" and 5.2".

Android M

The next update from the android is the Android M.The new android version will be available with the new nexus phones.Not enough is known about it till now,but google will do some magic with here also and will give us a better android version.

Virtual reality headset

HTC is going to launch this product in partnership with Valve by the end of this year.The product is a new thing and it has received many crazy reviews.It is called Vive and at the Mobile World Congress 2015,it was introduced.

OnePlus 2

With the huge success and popularity of its previous phone (Onelpus one) which is well known for it top quality performance and cheap price as compared to other android smartphones.The new phone is goig to have many new features and improvemnets in it.Not only the design is improved,but there are also many other new features like a better fingerprint scanner.


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