Wednesday, 1 July 2015

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Most Valuable Brands of 2015


It can be said that it is the most popular brand in the present time and that is true.The brand is retaining the number 1 spot from the last 5 years.According to the Forbe's brand index also,this brand is on the top spot.The brand value of apple is 145.3 billion dollars.The brand is mainly popular due to its gadgets like iPhones and iPads.the number of iPhones sold also set a record and this helped in making this brand more valuable.Now,the apple watch is already launched and it will give a boost to the brand and will contribute hopefully enough to help apple to susutain its top postion.The brand is most liked in term of smartphones than any other brand.The main competitor of this brand is Samsung which is also able to keep its place in the top 10 most valuable brands of 2015.The main contributor to Apple this year is the Iphone.


Microsoft is on the second position in this list.It is a also a very popular and famous brand.Almost everyone knows about it.With the current brand value of $69.3 billion,Microst is second on the list.The windows producer brand is now doing well.The latest product from the Microsoft's vault is the Windows 10 And the company believes that by the end of 2018,it will have more than 1billion windows 10 users.The brand is performing well under the leadership of their new CEo Satya Nadella.Various popular products ;ist of Microsft includes Windows8,Windows 7,Windos Xp etc.


This is the brand which is most used by any internet user.The most powerful and common search engine used worldwide.Google is currently the World's thied top most valued brand of 2015.It is very popular all over the world.It has a brand value of around $65.6 billion.The company is developing very fast and has many future projects going on like Google's driverless car,Google fiber,B2B software,Google glass and Wifi telecom network.The company is performing well and will be going to us more and new gifts in the future years.

Coca Cola

The world's most preferred beverages are mad by this company.The percentage change its brand value is very negligible.This brand has a brand value of 56 billion dollars.The brand is very much popular in India and also in other countries.The most preferred soda of the world comes under the name of coca cola.The company is at number four postion in this list.It is loved by all the people.It is mostly served on all special ocassions like parties,marriages etc.Moreover,due to its solid advertisements,the brand has become more attractive and vaulable in the recent years.


IBM or International Business Machines is at the 5th spot with a brand value of $49.8 billion.The brand has been able to keep its spot in the top 5 despite of low sales from some time.The company is investing more in new projects like mobile,cloud,analytics etc.Due to this,the profits of IBM have been cut down.But,the most interesting thing about this brand is that the more than half of the revenue is generateed from outside the US.IBM is known for marketing and manufacturing of computer software and hardware.The headquarters of this brand is in Armonk,NY.


It is one of the world' most popular brand in terms f fast food or say it is the most popular.The brand is second on the list in terms of food just running behind from coca cola and otherwise,its on the 6th position on the list.The largest chain of hamburger fast food restaurants is run by McDonald's Corporation.In more than 100 countries,it serves than more than 69 million customers.It has around 35000 outlets in the world.Behind Walmart,mcDonald's is the second largest private employer of the world.Its brand value is $39.5 billion.Its now becoming a challenge for this brand to keep its sales up because the people are becoming more health conscious and accordingle they are changing their eating habits.


Samsung is at the lucky 7 position in this list.The brand is trying hard to make his mark in the industry.It is facing a very hard and tough competetion from Apple which holds a very strong place in the market and is on the top spot in this list.Samsung has a wide range of smartphones.Low price smartphones are helping this brand a lot.But due to instant decrease in the prices of phones and therfore relatively low resale value,its facing a tough time in the markets.With introduction of other leading brands like HTC,Sony etc in the android market,this brand is suffering as well as it is facing a very tough competetion to sustain its place in the list of world's top valued brands.The brand value of Samsung is $37.9billion.


the next who comes in the list is Toyota having a brand value $37.8billion.It is the only one in terms of auto brands who has made it to the top 10.The brand value of Toyota has a percentage change of 21% last year.It is the only brand who is very much profitable and is able to sustain its postion in this list.The company set a record in 2014 by selling 10.23million vehicles all over the world.The headquarters of this company are in the toyota,Aichi,Japan.The company has produced many cars like Innova,Fortuner,Avalon,Yaris,Camry,Corolla,Prius,Land cruiser etc.


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