Friday, 26 June 2015

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5 smartphones with their unique feaures

There are large number of companies in the world which are producing more and more different smartphones.We all know the big companies like Apple,Samsung,Sony,HTC etc which are quite popular all over the world.But there are some other companies also which have produced some gems of smartphones.Although they are not very much popular everywhere but due to thier some unique features they will be liked by everyone.Here are some smartphones which you need to look at.They are given below along with their prices and availability in different markets.

Lumigon T2 HD

Lumigon T2 HD is a vey stylish phone and is known for its stylish look.It is water proof and dust proof.It has a very elegant design.Its just perfect for those people who demands stylish phones.Apart from its design,this phone is also very good from technical point of view.It comes with a 4.3" display,1.7 GHz processor and 2GB ram.It has a 13 MP primary camera and storage expandable upto 128 GB.
Its price is $578.It is available in US,Denmark and some other European markets.

Coolpad's Magview

It gained a lot of popularity in China previous year due to its top performance and that was the reason which made it one of the best selling smartphones in China.It has 2Gb ram and works with 1.8 GHz Tegra 4 processor and 16 gb internal memory.The whole body is made of aluminium except a 5.9" full HD display.
Its price is $642 and is available in China.

NEC Terrain

It is a very tough and strong device designed especially for those people who are either very careless to take care of their phones or for those people who require a vey strong phone which can survive some situations without getting broken.It is a very hard and tough smartphone.It has 1.5GHz dual core snapdragon processor,8Gb memory expandable upto 32 Gb but has a #.1 inch screen only.It got vey good reviews from its users.
It price is $84.99 and is available in US.

Yotaphone 2

Its may be popular in most of the countries due to its design.The 2 screens make its design differnet from other smartphones.It has a e-ink back panel which saves a lot of battery and is optimised for a certain number of apps.Apps like Facebook,Twitter,Ebooks,RSS feeds,messages etc work comfortably with back screen.Apart from this,the front display is 5" full HD display.It has 2GB ram,32GB internal memoryt and works 2.2GHz Snapdragon 801 processor.
Its price is around $813 and is available in US and UK.

THL 5000

This phone got a very big battery  and that is of 5000mAh.Many people have problem with their smartphones of short battery life.Every working person want a smartphone which has a very long lasting battery.The 5000mAh battery still comes in a very compact designed smartphone.This feature of this phone has made it very impressive.With 5" IP display,the phone comes with 2GB ram,16GB internal memory and a 2GHz octacore processor.It has a 5 MP front camera which proves to be very useful in taking selfies and has a rear camera of 13MP.
Its price is $259 and is available in US and UK.


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