Thursday, 25 June 2015

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Useful Trps And Tricks For iPhone That You Should Know

The iPhone is always full of surprises.There are many functions of it which we still dont use.Some of them may be quite useful for us and can make our iPhone experience more convenient and simple.These features are there in every iPhone but most of us are not aware of them.So,here are some tricks that you will see which you have never used before earlier.The secret tricks of the iPhone are as follow:

Selfie using Earphones

Most of the users haven't had used this feature till no.Yes,its true.You can take pictures as well as selfies using the earphones.Simply if we have to take a picure,then either we use the capture button on the touchscreen or use the volume button.Most of the selfies are taken with the volume buttons because its more easy then to operate the iPhone.But with the help of the earphones,we also can take pictures.The advantage being that they are more easy and while clicking the picture,when we press the buttons of earphones then there are no chances of shaking of the phone and pictures thus taken are more stable and clear.

Fast battery charging 

Usually it takes a lot of time to charge the battery of your iPhone.Sometimes,we just need our phone in emergency and we want that the phone gets charged more quickly.For this,a simple thing needs to be done which in turn can charge the battery in a shorter period of time.To charge the battery more faster,just turn ON the Airplane mode during the time when the phone is charging.Using the Airplane mode,the phone will get charged more quickly.

A trick in Calculator app

We all use the calculator app in our iPhone and its also very simple.But sometimes,in case of any error like when we press a wrong digit,then some of us usually dont know how to erase that single digit.In that case,most of the people usually cancel all the calcultion and retry everything.Here is a simple thing which you need to do in case if you have omitted any error like an extra digit.Just swipe form right to left on the top of the screen and one digit will be automatically deleted.If you want to use scientific calculator then just simply rotate the phone in the landscape position and the normal calculator will turn into a scientific calculator.

Keyboard Tricks

  • Shortcuts:Create and use custom shotrcuts for long sentences and words.Like,for an example,you can us shortcut "email" for the phrase "" and when ever you have to write your email id,simple type "email" and your id will be automatically get typed there.
  • If you want to start a new sentence,then simply click on the space button twice and new sentence will begin automatically after a dot.
  • If you want to use "degree" sign in your text,then press and hold the 0 button on the keyboard and the degree button will be there in front of you.
  • If you want to remove something that you are typing then just shake your phone and it will undo the written thing.

Save Battery

The iphone battery usage can be reduced by doing a number of things like turning off the wifi,cellular data,location services,auto brightness etc.The other thiong which you can do is,use Don Not Disturb mode.It saves a lot of battery and will be quite heplful if you need battery for next day.

Hide apps

You can hide your apps in the iPhone.There are two ways.First way is simple,make a folder of apps and hide your app in second page of that folder.Its also very useful and can hide your app from those people who dont know this trick.The other way in my view must be known to only some people.For using this trick,go to Settings>General>Restrictions. Fill passcode and turn them ON.Now go to the Apps and select the apps which you need to hide from others.No one except you can find those apps by using this trick.I never heard about this trick anywhere neither read about it on internet.I was just exploring my new iPhone and there I found this one and its really really very good trick.There are other options also there except the apps.When you want to use the apps that you have hidden,just disable the restrictions or go to the apps section in restricitons and select allow all apps.


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